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Ecostack Innovations
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Environment and Geosciences ENV
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Ecosystem services
Landscape and urban planning
Nature Based Solutions
Socio-environmental justice
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European Postdoctoral Fellowships
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Ecostack Innovations is looking to host talented researchers who will work as part of our industrial innovation team and are interested to apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the framework of the new Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) programme.
Ecostack Innovations is an enterprise providing expertise in ecological and sustainability topics. Ecostack Innovations Limited was established to promote sustainable innovation and to tackle the trade-offs between development and nature.
At Ecostack Innovations, we currently participate in several projects relating to environmental monitoring, and that establish nature-based solutions for climate resilience and human well-being.
Our work is contributing to developing promoting greener cities in line with the EU Green Deal goals. Through our work we address key Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG3, SDG6, SDG9, SDG11, SDG12, SDG13 and SDG 14
Previous Related Projects / Research Experience
Our team members have considerable experience in research and innovation and have contributed to the following funded projects over the past few years.

The objective of the GOGREEN ROUTES (GO GREEN: Resilient Optimal Urban natural, Technological and Environmental Solutions) Horizon 2020 project is to position European cities as world ambassadors of urban sustainability. GOGREEN ROUTES transdisciplinary consortium will pioneer a unique approach augmenting nature-based solutions, urban design with the goal of fostering a positive human-nature relationship, flourishing nature connectedness and promoting citizen engagement through digital, educational and behavioural innovation. EcoINN is leading the scientific work in Malta in this project.

The project MAHONEY (Combination of mapping landscape suitability for honeybees and advanced chemical analysis of honey to target geographical regions vulnerable to honey fraud), funded by the European Commission, maps the availability of nectar and pollen from the landscapes of Malta. It is expected that the one of the outcomes of the project is the identification of chemical markers that can be used to link the honey to the landscape in which it has been produced. The project will also offer the possibility to predict what areas are favourable to honeybees and can also aid beekeepers to identify the most suitable areas for beehives placement leading to improved honey production
ReNature (Promoting research excellence in nature-based solutions for innovation, sustainable economic growth and human well-being in Malta) aims to establish and implement a nature-based solutions research strategy with a vision to promote research and innovation and develop solutions in a pursuit of economic growth, whilst at the same time improving human well-being and tackling environmental challenges.
LIFE IP RBMP Malta – Scientific consultant
The LIFE IP RBMP project supports the implementation of the second River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) through the establishment of an integrated framework for the optimised management of all water resources on the Maltese islands. Ecostack Innovations was commissioned by the authorities to quantify and assess ecosystem services in order to inform water management actions within the Maltese Islands.
ESMERALDA (Enhancing ecoSysteM sERvices mApping for poLicy and Decision mAking) aims to deliver a flexible methodology for ecosystem service assessments, supporting EU Member States in achieving Action 5 of the Biodiversity Strategy. The approach integrates biophysical, socio-cultural and economic methods and tests them in different conditions, scales, policy issues and decision-making processes through stakeholder involvement in several case studies across the EU.
EnRoute (Enhancing Resilience of urban ecosystems through green infrastructure) is a project of the European Commission in the framework of the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the Green Infrastructure Strategy. EnRoute provides scientific knowledge of how urban ecosystems can support urban planning at different stages of policy and for various spatial scales and how to help policymaking for sustainable cities. It aims to promote the application of urban green infrastructure at local level and delivers guidance on the creation, management and governance of urban green infrastructure. Importantly, it illustrates how collaboration between and across different policy levels can lead to concrete green infrastructure policy setting.
The overall objective of the FP7 project SOLIBAM (Strategies for organic and low-input integrated breeding and management) was to develop specific and novel breeding approaches integrated with management practices to improve the performance, quality, sustainability and stability of crops adapted to organic and low-input systems.

Thematic areas and list of supervisors who are looking forward to preparing a project proposal with postdoctoral researchers
Ecosystem services
Landscape and urban planning
Nature Based Solutions
Socio-environmental justice
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Dr Mario V Balzan (CV from: mariobalzan.info)
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