Available opening for a postdoctoral fellowship in Portugal

Organization Name / Department
Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA)
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Website of the organization / department
Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA)
Organization Type
Research organisation
Other Type
Research Fields
Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Sub-Fields / Keywords
Anthropology; Ethnography; Mobilities; Migrations; Religion; Citizenship; Environment; Conservation; Climate Change; Political Ecology; Primatology; Governance; Inclusive Societies; Care; Human Rights; Minorities and Discrimination; Culture; Heritage; Tourism; Ethnographic Archives; Performance; Visual Anthropology; Arab and Islamic Contexts; Health; Religion; Biological Anthropology; Osteological
Human Remains
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action(s) of interest
  • European Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Global Postdoctoral Fellowships
Short Description of the Organization / Department
CRIA is the main Portuguese research centre in Anthropology, occupying a relevant position in the institutional field of Portuguese social sciences. It is an interuniversity R&D unit based on four universities – ISCTE, NOVA FCSH, UC and UMinho – with shared management, fundraising, research dissemination, teaching and knowledge transfer capabilities. CRIA is also part of IN2PAST (Associate Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Heritage, Arts, Sustainability and Territory) and accredited NGO to UNESCO convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

CRIA’s mission is to develop a deep knowledge of contemporary society and rethink the complexities and transformations of social and cultural lives, always in straight connection with the public sphere. CRIA promotes a transnational network of research that maximises resources and skills, publication, training programmes, research dissemination and knowledge transfer.

Research in CRIA is structured in four major research groups, which compose its scientific core: Circulation and Place-Making; Environment, Sustainability & Ethnography; Governance, Policies & Livelihoods; Practices and Politics of Culture.

Research and teaching also benefit from CRIA’s laboratories: Biological Anthropology and Human Osteology; Environmental Anthropology and Behavioral Ecology; Audiovisual Laboratory; and Jill Rosemary Dias Laboratory.

CRIA fosters Open Science through the edition of the Etnográfica journal and Etnográfica Press.

Previous Related Projects / Research Experience
Please find our:
Projects: https://www.cria.org.pt/en/projects
Research groups: https://www.cria.org.pt/en/research-groups
Labs: https://www.cria.org.pt/en/laboratories
Thematic lines: https://www.cria.org.pt/en/thematic-lines
Thematic areas and list of supervisors who are looking forward to preparing a project proposal with postdoctoral researchers
Please find our:
Full reseachers (potential supervisors) here: https://www.cria.org.pt/en/people

Please find our thematic areas here: https://www.cria.org.pt/en/research-groups

Contact Person/ Position in the Organisation/ Phone/ E-mail
Ana Carrapato
Science Manager
Necessary documents
1) Full name and e-mail;
2) CV (max. 5 pages);
3) Motivation letter (in English, max. 1 page);
4) Support letter from your future supervisor at CRIA.
If you don’t have a supervisor, CRIA will suggest a supervisor upon evaluation, based on your cv and research project. Please point out one Research group within CRIA that best suits your application (https://cria.org.pt/en/research-groups);
5) Short research project (in English, maximum 3 pages). Please organize your project with objective, scope and expected impact as described on MSCA work plan (MSCA-2022_PF: Postdoctoral Fellowships);
6) 4 keywords and 1 to 3 SDG;
7) Short career development plan (in English, maximum 3 pages). In addition to research or innovation objectives, this plan comprises the researcher’s training and career needs, including training on transferable skills, teaching, planning for publications and participation in conferences;
8) Indication on the type of action under Horizon-MSCA-2022-PF: European Postdoctoral Fellowship or Global Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Please sent it to ana.carrapato@cria.org.pt

4.288,44€ (gross salary)
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