Available opening for a postdoctoral fellowship in Afghanistan

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Bioenergetic and protein Engineering – CNRS
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Research Fields
Chemistry (CHE)
Sub-Fields / Keywords
Electrochemistry; bioelectrocatalysis: metallo enzymes; biofuel cells, biosensors
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action(s) of interest
  • European Postdoctoral Fellowships
Short Description of the Organization / Department
BIP is internationally recognized in metalloenzyme mechanistic study and related applications. The group aims at studying interfacial electron transfers between metalloproteins including hydrogenases and multicopper oxidases and various electrodes. This research is allowed thanks to a strong interdisciplinarity between chemistry and biology and the development of methods coupling to electrochemistry and mathematical modeling.
BIP especially considers enzymes adapted to various stresses (extreme temperature, pH, or salt concentration). This allowed BIP to discover the O2- and CO resistant hydrogenase for H2 conversion. The group developed the first H2/O2 enzymatic fuel cell in France.
Previous Related Projects / Research Experience
The group coordinates 5 French ANR collaborative project aiming at the understanding of the relation ship between metalloenzymes and electrodes for bioelectrocatalysis.
Thematic areas and list of supervisors who are looking forward to preparing a project proposal with postdoctoral researchers
Biofuel cell / biosensor : Elisabeth Lojou
Patterned electrode surface (mixed SAM, DNA origami,…): Elisabeth Lojou
SPR and QCM coupled to electrochemistry for bioelectrocatalysis: Elisabeth Lojou
Confocal fluorescence microscopy coupled to electrochemistry: Anne de Poulpiquet
Electrochemical interfaces modeling: Ievgen Mazurenko
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Elisabeth Lojou +33 6 78 40 55 88 lojou@imm.cnrs.fr
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Project idea
2500 €