The objective of DNs is to implement doctoral programmes by partnerships of organisations.

MSCA-NET Documents for your application

DN Handbook

This document provides you with up-to-date tips and tricks on how to ace your MSCA COFUND proposal.

DN Evolution Guide

This document presents statistical data related to the PF call HORIZON-MSCA-2021-DN-01 closed on 16 November 2021.

Policy Briefs

10 policy briefs will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the EU policy priorities with a focus on the MSCA.

MSCA-NET Platforms to find a Host Institution for your project

Matchmaking Platform

The MSCA matchmaking platform brings together fellows, companies, supervisors, etc. You can generate new contacts in the upcoming MSCA calls for 2022 and beyond.

MSCA-NET Matchmaking Platform

MSCA-NET support for your application

FAQ Blog

This “Frequently Asked Question” blog provides you with important information on the MSCA, based on the hands-on knowledge and experience of the MSCA NCP.


National Contact Points

In order to get support in your project country, find the MSCA National Contact Points (NCP) who are looking forward to supporting you.


Self-Assessment Tool

The self-assessment tool will allow you to test your MSCA knowledge in a fun and playful way.

Self-Assessment Tool
Important links:

  • The MSCA DN page on the official website of the European Commission.
  • The Funding and Tenders Portal, the single entry point for participants in all funding programmes and tenders managed by the European Commission.
  • EURAXESS, a pan-European network run by the EC, provides practical support to researchers and their families as they relocate for work. All available job postings in the framework of MSCA projects are published on EURAXESS Jobs.