Available opening for a postdoctoral fellowship in Latvia

Organization Name / Department
Institute of Electronics and Computer Science
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Research Fields
Information Science and Engineering (ENG)
Sub-Fields / Keywords
machine learning
embedded systems
hardware design
remote sensing
event timers
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action(s) of interest
  • European Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Global Postdoctoral Fellowships
Short Description of the Organization / Department
EDI is a public state research institute conducting fundamental and applied research in the broad area of Smart Embedded Cooperative Systems. Currently, EDI is the highest rated scientific institution in Latvia specializing in engineering research. The key driving force of EDI scientific activities is its economic and social impact, therefore we apply our expertise in mobility, industry, health, digital life and space domains. Meanwhile, we are focusing on following research directions: extremely precise event timing; remote sensing and space data processing; robotics and machine perception; signal processing and embedded intelligence; smart sensors and IoT. Our expertise is complemented by close collaboration with 300+ international partners.
Previous Related Projects / Research Experience
EDI have coordinated and participated in numerous EU projects (Horizon Europe, H2020, ECSEL, ERA-NET, COST).

More information: https://www.edi.lv/en/projects/

Thematic areas and list of supervisors who are looking forward to preparing a project proposal with postdoctoral researchers
Our goal is to become internationally recognized research organization expertise in mobility, industry 4.0, health, digital life and space domains while working in following research directions:

1. Extremely precise event timing incl. space domain

Extremely precise event timing

2. Remote sensing and space data processing

Remote sensing and space data processing

3. Robotics and machine perception

Robotics and machine perception

4. Signal processing and embedded intelligence

Signal processing and embedded intelligence

5. Smart sensors and IoT

Contact Person/ Position in the Organisation/ Phone/ E-mail
Dr. Modris Greitans, director of EDI
Phone: +37167554500
email: info@edi.lv
Necessary documents
* CV
* Brief description of the project idea
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