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Riga Technical University / Institute of Materials and Structures
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Research Fields
Information Science and Engineering (ENG)
Sub-Fields / Keywords
Aerospace engineering, transport engineering, manufacturing, material science / Mechanics of composite materials, computational mechanics, experimental mechanics, dynamics of structures, vibration damping, structural control, sandwich and laminated composites, lightweight design, multi-physical problems, composite materials technology, numerical methods, finite element method, inverse problems, optimization.
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action(s) of interest
  • Doctoral Networks
Short Description of the Organization / Department
IMS (RTU) has considerable expertise in the field of characterization, modelling, analysis and optimization of advanced composite materials, structures and technological processes. This experience has been obtained participating and coordinating many national and international projects on material science, aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and construction engineering (FRAMEWORK 5: POSICOSS, SANDWICH, HYCOPROD; FRAMEWORK 6: ALCAS, FRIENDCOPTER, INTERSHIP, CASSEM, COCOMAT, DE-LIGHT, FANTASIA, SAND.CORe, ENCOMAR, MOMENTUM; FRAMEWORK 7: DESICOS, MAPICC 3D, COALINE, INNOPIPES, TransNEW, SEREN, COSMOS, COSMOS+; HORIZON 2020: COSMOS 2020, SEREN 3, SEREN 4, ETNA 2020; MATERA; M-ERA.NET; ERDF).
Previous Related Projects / Research Experience
Project MOMENTUM “Multidisciplinary research and training on composite materials applications in transport modes” under FRAMEWORK 6 program (Marie Curie Research Training Network, 2006-2020).
Contact Person / Position in the Organization
Evgeny Barkanov / Professor