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University of Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Tirana
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Life Sciences (LIF)
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Flexible removable dentures. Cad cam dentures. Fixed restorations over natural teeth or implants. The comparison between the new cad cam dental materials.
Short Description of the Organization / Department
Faculty of Dental Medicine (F.D.M.) is part of the University of Medicine, Tirana, Albania. It was founded as the Department of Dentistry in 1959. In 2013 the University of Medicine was founded and the Department of Dentistry was structured into the Faculty of Dental Medicine (FDM). It is UNIQUE and it is the LARGEST and Only PUBLIC Faculty in Tirana. Faculty of Dental Medicine is composed of 3 Departments: Prosthetic, Conservative Dentistry and Oro maxillo-facial Surgery Department. It includes the University Dental Clinic (U.D.C.). F.D.M consists of 23 lecturers; of whom 6 Professors, 5 Associated Professors, 12 PhD-s; 30 part-time lecturers and 800 students. The staff of University Dental Clinic contributes in the education process and it is composed of 10 general dentists, 15 nurses, 8 laboratory technicians and 1 orthodontic laboratory technician.
Previous Related Projects / Research Experience
1. READ project entitled: The evaluation and the comparison of the new CAD CAM prosthetic materials.
2. The National Agency of Scientific Research and Innovation (AKKSHI), entitled: The comparison between total removable dentures constructed with the SR IVOCAP system and the traditional system.
– 2 projects financed by the Ministry of Education:
3. The evaluation of the fixed metal ceramic and total ceramic dentures over implants.
4. The application of the digital technology in Dentistry.
5. Co-partners in the BIOSINT project. Coordinator:
University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Medical Sciences.
Contact Person / Position in the Organization
Prof. Edit Xhajanka, Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine