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Necmettin Erbakan University
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Information Science and Engineering (ENG) Chemistry (CHE)
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Alloys, Production, Battery, Anode, Energy So
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In this project proposal, the novel alloy-based anode materials will be designed by thermodynamic approaches and produced by melting techniques to improve the current capacity of the anode materials along with the decreased volume expansion.
Requested partner:
-Partner 1: Computational design (CALPHAD, Molecular Dynamics (MD) etc.) and alternative production techniques of the alloys.
-Partner 2: Testing the alloy anode materials in the LIB batteries to figure out the specific capacity, volume expansion, cycle, and safety issues and give feedback about the improvement.
-Partner 3: Industrial (scale-up) applications of the optimized anode materials.
We are open to possible collaborations as partners in the above fields.
For more information, please feel free to contact us by email: gokhanpolat87@gmail.com
Short Description of the Organization / Department
Necmettin Erbakan University (NEU) is a state university founded in Turkey-Konya. The research center at NEU, Science and Technology Research and Application Center (BITAM), brings together the scientists of material, energy, food and drug, and biomedical/biomaterial focusing on creative answers to today’s scientific challenges. It advances the science and engineering of technologies and provides the knowledge to integrate and optimize. BITAM aims to be a training center for the accumulation of knowledge to be transferred to future generations. BITAM is equipped with up-to-date and high-tech instruments, and numerous analyses required for the emergence of technological and national products using national resources can be carried out. In addition, BITAM including various thematic area laboratories created to meet the needs of our country has been built in a closed area of 3,000 m2. BITAM integrates multidisciplinary research areas equipped with different facilities.
Previous Related Projects / Research Experience
1. “Lowering the total cost of metallization’ partnered with Department of Energy of USA (DE‐AC36‐08GO28308)”
2. “FP7-EU-SOLARIS-312833 The European SOLAR Research Infrastructure for Concentrating Solar Power”
3. “FP7-LAMAND 245565 “Large Area Molecularly Assembled Nanopattern for Devices”
4. “EU-COST MP1106 ” Smart and green interfaces – from single bubbles and drops to industrial, environmental and biomedical applications (SGI)” Core Group Member, STSM Coordinator, MC member
5. “Development of lightweight and high strength high entropy alloys (HEAs)”, TUBITAK Project
Contact Person / Position in the Organization
Dr. Gökhan Polat