Postdoctoral Fellowships (PF) and Individual Fellowships (IF)

NEW Greece
“Do not give up until you succeed!”

THERMIC explores nanoscale energy in low-dimensional materials to create new electronic devices with emerging 2D semiconductors, using advanced fabrication techniques, and studying their thermal properties for potential use in future 3D electronics.

NEW Greece
“Allocate at least five months for preparing your proposal.”
AI2AM developed a digital method merging topology optimization and computational physics for designing optimal components of increased strength with significant reductions in material usage.

“Choose an invested and engaged mentor!”

In the Cocco-Next project, is assessed the growth and photosynthetic capacities of both life cycle phases to investigate if and how metabolism relates to their ecological segregation.

“It is crucial for postdoctoral fellows to explore interdisciplinarity to go beyond the state-of-the-art of current research.”
PADMME addresses the construction of paper-based multiplexed electroanalytical platforms aiming to characterise proteasome overexpression and unimpaired activity in multiple myeloma (MM) care.

“Be very specific; if your NCP offers any help, use their services.”

The PREGNANCYBENEFIT project is a policy evaluation with significant implications. It aims to provide insights into combatting demographic decline in Europe and understanding the potential improvements in the health of disadvantaged babies through financial support during pregnancy.

“Choose the right supervisor, preferably someone you have collaborated with in the past.”

RECONSTRUCT aims to develop a computational method to reconstruct the geometry of human long bones, which are fragmented or partially recovered. Bone morphology conveys a wealth of information about the deceased individual and by extension about their population.

“If you fail the first time, do not get discouraged; failure is a part of success - try again!”
The SYZEFXIS project aims to study how organic semiconducting materials, namely materials rich in carbon and hydrogen atoms, could become more photo[1]stable when they strongly interact with light.

“Find an experienced supervisor involved in several European projects.”
RegrOssBio aims to develop injectable composite material with antibacterial and bone regenerative properties for local PI treatment, and to introduce it into the dental market.

“You can always address your questions to the National Contact Point.”
The PlaTechMedi project aims to gain in depth insights into the plasma treatment of polymer medical tubes, specifically catheters, using a technique called Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge with liquid electrodes.

“The key element to my successful proposal was the mentoring programme provided by the NCP.”
The TVISTOFF projects aims to set out to develop tools and models that could be useful for the scientific community and applicable to other tick species and viral pathogens.

“Balancing ambition with realistic goal-setting is essential for success.”
The InSilicoPlacenta project aims to develop a novel computer-based framework, that will provide a comprehensive understanding of the structural and functional placental abnormalities associated with FGR.

“Remember that you are not working on a scientific paper to be submitted to an academic journal.”
GlaSpeRG is an analytical study of one of the most spectacular groups of Roman cultural performance, namely the gladiatorial games, beast-fights and other associated spectacles, in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“The most important aspect of a successful application is to be on the same page with your future supervisor at the host institution.”
Simonas Juzenas, through the project "droplet-small-seq," aims to develop a high-throughput, cost-efficient, and user-friendly single-cell RNA-seq technology.

“Do not be afraid to ask for help. Contact your NCP for support and important information.”

The MSCA project “QMatCh” has as its goal the synthesis and crystal growth of quantum materials and the investigation of their structure and magnetic properties under extreme conditions.

“Develop a strong, well-argued proposal that you are genuinely passionate about”.
The RomChords project investigates the phenomenon of Romani chords, an exceptional yet unexamined means of harmonic accompaniment used by Romani musicians in Slovakia.

“Prioritise career development beyond research, emphasising training in new techniques and transferable skills.”
The MULTI-WOOD project develops eco-friendly wood modification, improving UV protection, moisture resistance, and fire-retardancy with bio-based formulations.

“It is important to find a host who is compatible with the scholar’s current research.”

Ivan Tomac, with the project "NOSTRADAMUS," addresses the engineering challenge of creating the lightest possible structure that also maintains maximum durability.

“Address both the call text as well as specific questions and points in the project template.”

Deniz Gündoğan İbrişim, through the project "POGETA," intersects the fields of literary studies, trauma and memory studies, gender, and environmental humanities.

“Provide simple explanations supported with figures.”
Halil İbrahim Ciftci with the project Super-HIPPO aims to discover the new anti-HIV drugs.

“Choose a topic that you are passionate about.”
James Ciarlo with his project PALEOSIM studies climate change impacts on the habitats of arthropods in the Circum-Sicilian islands.

“It is important to balance ambition and feasibility!”
Magdalena Bohutínská with the program CONstrainCONverge aims to explore the process of repeated adaptation in nature.

“You need to carefully read the documents provided on the Funding and Tenders portal.”
Korkut Kaan Tokgoz is developing a high data rate and, at the same time, an energy-efficient sub-terahertz transmitter.

“You need to be highly motivated and stay focused on your goal.”
Christoforos Panteli with the project SepsISensoR will give clinicians a new medical instrument in their arsenal, that will allow non-invasive diagnostics in hospitals.

“Choose a project you are enthusiastic about.”

AMPLIFI aims to design and develop an auxetic, antimicrobial polymer for biomedical devices such as catheters.

“Luck plays a part but you also need to create your own luck by being proactive.”
Adam Bennett with the project DiBDEV aims to intercept molecular messages from the brain of migraine patients to better understand the processes that occur during migraine.

Doctoral Network (DN) and Innovative Training Networks (ITN)

NEW Slovenia
“Involve a group of partners that you trust and that will bring unique perspectives and skills.”
FoodTraNet trains early-stage researchers in emerging techniques, like mass spectrometry, for careers in food quality and safety. Supports diverse needs in academia, industry, and regulatory bodies.

NEW Croatia
“I would recommend persistence as the competition is high.Also, to consult NCPs.”
The project aims to develop sustainable biocatalytic processes with lower environmental impact that consume less energy and materials, and have lower emissions in the environment.

NEW Czechia
“Use your existing research networks.”

The goal of this Innovative Training Network (ITN) is to have the participants develop skills and protocols needed for industrial usage of Predictive Rendering (PR) technologies - image synthesis which delivers results that one can actually rely on to be visually accurate.

“One should not give up, despite the low success rate.”
PHYMOL provides an ambitious programme of research and training, helping to produce a new generation of researchers in the broad field of molecular modelling.

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“Focus on the application requirements, the impact on society and find the appropriate partners.”
The AQTIVATE project offers an interdisciplinary training programme for fifteen PhD research fellows in high performance & quantum computing, scalable algorithms and machine learning.

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“Participate actively in conferences, COST actions, and other networks.”
The goal of the ALLPreT project is to enable the safe introduction of new and more sustainable foods into the human diet while protecting people from the unacceptable risk of developing food allergies.

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“Sometimes it is not the first submission that succeeds.”
ALLODD’s objective is to design new molecules the therapy of proteins function regarding the ability to bind ligands.

Czech Republic
“Don’t be discouraged by failed applications; learn from them.”
The FANTOM Doctoral Network seeks to train 10 PhD students through a research programme focusing on the cancer of the immune system called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL).

“Comments of evaluators from our previous application provided some useful feedback.”
The doctoral network “Targeting RNA as an approach for treating retinal disease” (RETORNA) aims to study different types of RNA that are expressed in retinal cells.

“The Hungarian NCP provided generous technical assistance.”
RASOPTA’s goal is to identify factors endangering production safety and to bridge existing knowledge gaps related to these factors with regard to the farming of fish species that are important for human nutrition and economy in Europe.

“Do not go with vague ideas.”

DIEM is a Doctoral Networks project bringing together academic, government and industry expertise to holistically investigate the managerial, economic, and societal implications of Distributed ledger technology (DLT).

“Talk to people with experience.”

The PLENOPTIMA project aims to develop a cross-disciplinary approach to plenoptic imaging, which includes new optical materials and sensing principles, signal processing methods, new computing architectures, and vision science modelling.


“Follow the guidelines of the European Commission.”

The aim of A2M2TECH is to deliver an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international excellent doctoral training programme in all aspects of Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing, with a major focus on additive manufacturing.

“A successful COFUND project requires a team with four pillars: researchers, research managers, administrative facilitators and NCPs.”
The mission of ENRICH-TOGETHER is to host the next generation of leading experts in the Green and Blue Transition field, that will translate radically new concepts to scientific, economic, technological and social impacts.

Staff Exchanges (SE) and Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)

NEW Czechia
“Create a balanced consortium, ideally based on previous collaborations.”
The CONQUES project aims to carry out the first interdisciplinary and integrative study of Conques – a unique site of cultural heritage in Southern France.

NEW Greece
“Early preparation is crucial; adhere to guidelines, seek insights from experienced peers.”
EO-PERSIST project establishes a dynamic collaborative research and innovation environment through staff exchanges, knowledge sharing, and know-how transfer in order to deliver a pioneering contribution on permafrost studies in the Arctic.

NEW Poland
“Explore unique solutions to meet market demands.”

During the Piezo2D project, were developed innovative structures with a strong piezoelectric effect, aiding scientists in understanding this phenomenon in two-dimensional materials.

NEW Romania
“Careful planning of the secondments in close relation to the research goals and activities iscritical for preparing a feasible application.
HESPRI wants to find innovative strategies to strengthen education policies and help universities respond better to society's needs.

NEW Croatia
“Devote time to networking.”

The FoodMAPP project will enable consumers to find and buy food from local food supplies, reducing waste and supporting sustainable purchases.

NEW Bulgaria
“Partner with experts and communicate clearly.”

The CHemPGM project is dedicated to exploring the chemistry of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), crucial for the European Union’s supply chain security.

“Carefully plan in advance the secondments.”

The main objective of the project is to advance our knowledge on crop priming in order to foster the development of innovative and environmentally friendly tools to protect plants from abiotic and biotic stresses.

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“You need a serious, dedicated and focused approach to developing your project proposal.”
The aim of the GaitREHub project is to develop an interactive tool for at-home rehabilitation with real-time telemonitoring from the clinic. It will enable at-home gait training for neurologically injured patients and any other patients in need of gait rehabilitation.

“You need a great project and great researchers, but this is not all!”
PsyCoMed project aims to examine the role of anthropogenic pollutants, including microplastics and agriculture pesticides, in the Mediterranean area as a risk factor for neuropsychiatric disorders and associated pathologies.

“Carefully study the rules of the programme to ensure that all secondments can be implemented.”

PHENOMENO aims to develop comprehensive technological solutions for producing high- quality physical breast phantoms derived from novel computational anthropomorphic breast phantoms and novel 3D prototyping techniques.

“Include SMEs and focus on practical application.”

The SAFEMILK project’s goal is the development of a novel complex assay for evaluation of milk safety. This will result in an important tool for the dairy industry, guaranteeing sufficient safety and quality of milk and dairy products.