The MSCA-NET is ready to serve you!

After a long period of virtual meetings, the MSCA NCP family had, at last, the opportunity to get together on the occasion of the MSCA-NET kick-off meeting. 

The meeting took place in Bern on the 5th and 6th of April. 

On the 1st day, the meeting brought clarity among participants as to the project objectives. The MSCA-NET beneficiaries discussed the demanding and ambitious action plan of the project. They exchanged views as to the best possible implementation path that would deliver high-quality results and maximize impact by contributing to EC goals and facilitating researchers’ access to EU funding. However, probably most importantly, the kick-off meeting set mutual respect and open communication as the core values based on which partners will work towards their common goals.

On the  2nd day, the NCP Forum was organised. Participation was open to all MSCA NCPs in a hybrid setting which added an extra organisational challenge to the meeting host and project coordinator, EURESEARCH. During the Forum, which was designed based on the World Café method, Work Package leaders explained objectives and future tasks to the whole MSCA NCP family and received feedback and ideas on proper WP implementation. The day ended with two short but intense trainings on impact and communication.